Due Solisti



     The international flute and organ ensemble Due Solisti, comprised of American organist Scheide and Czech flutist Zofie Vokalkova, has performed throughout the US, Czech Republic, Germany and Russia, and has recorded for the Dutch label HLM and the US label Raven. As the ensemble name suggests, the duo works and programs in a balanced partnership, usually including solo works for each performer as well as duos.  


Music and Vision described their sound as “a beautiful luminosity.”
According to The American Organist, "The Duo is a paradigm of musical collaboration in their seamless, unified performances."

Recently ensemble Due Solisti was invited to tour Russia, performed with celebrated Czech singers Martina Kociánová and Barbora Polášková, collaborated with American and European composers on the Raven recording Jatamansi, and played a concert at the Basilika within Prague Castle, live for Czech TV. 


a lifelong resident of Prague, is a graduate of Prague Conservatory and studied with Frantisek Malotin, Christian Larde, James Galway and Meinhardt Niedermayer. She is a laureate of the competitions Concertino Praga, Pacem in terris (Germany), Prague Spring and Web Concert Hall (NY).  Vokalkova frequently collaborates as a concerto soloist with Czech and foreign orchestras (Austria, France, Germany, Greece, Japan, USA...), and regularly leads masterclasses in international venues.  In a typical year she is featured in over 150 solo and chamber music concerts.  In addition to her work with Due Solisti, Vokalkova is currently flute soloist for the orchestras Virtuosi di Praga and Prague Symphony Orchestra.  Previously she has been first orchestral flute, Prague Symphony Orchestra, and Flute Professor at Prague Conservatory.


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Sample programs

Varied                 New music                Flute/harpsichord
Handel              Barabas                   Handel
Bach                 Decker                    Bach
Mozart              Job                         Benda
F. Martin           Macourek                 LeClair
Alain                Rogg                        Roesgen-Champion

Czech composers
                      Women composers
Benda                                   Bodorova
Krumpholtz                             Decker
Dvorak                                  H. Hoffmann
Macourek                               Jacquet
Ropek                                    Job
Eben                                     Roesgen-Champion

Lighter/popular       Czech/American     18th c.
Handel                    Krumpholtz             Krebs
Mozart                    Benda                    J. S. Bach
Gluck                      Martinu                  C. P. E. Bach
Schubert                 Selby                     Handel
Dvorak                    Locklair                  Benda
Job                        Jones                     Mozart